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Changing the MKMapView Size Delays Notes: iOS Programming

Hello everyone

Currently working on a project that requires changing the size of a `MKMapView` instance in another view. When an "MKA note" is added and the view shrinks, forcing the note to move up the screen, the note does not move with the rest of the map. Instead, it stays in place. Only when the view that shrinks the animation is complete, the note moves where it should be.

I've recreated this in a small sample application, just to demonstrate the problem. I have added a screenshot of what the view looks like. `MKMapView` is attached to the top, left and right of the monitor, while` UITableView` is attached to the bottom of the map, and to the left, right and bottom of the monitor image. I also recorded a video of the error here.

I submitted feedback to Apple, and the engineer replied that they want developers to use the edgeInsets API instead of resizing the view. They didn't provide more information, and I haven't found anything else that even gives the same effect as growing and shrinking "UITableView".

Has anyone else experienced this error? Does anyone have suggestions on how to cope with this?

Thanks, much appreciated!

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