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Club MacStories turns 5: A month-long thank you to members who have exclusive discounts and many more benefits

Today is Club MacStories’ fifth anniversary. Over the past five years, the club has grown to become an integral part of what MacStories is. It’s the fuel that has enabled us to do more on the site, add new benefits for club members and expand to podcasts.

Thanks to all our club members, past and present. You are a big part of what allows us to do what we love, and we really appreciate that. A special thank you to you who have been on the trip for all five years as well. There are quite a few of you, and your loyalty is humble.

To celebrate this year’s anniversary, we have planned a lot over the next four weeks:

  • App, service and hardware rejection: Below are discounts from developers of some of our favorite apps, services, and hardware.
  • App Giveaways: We regularly create app assignments in MacStories Weekly, one of the club̵
    7;s newsletters, but we’ll take it to a whole new level over the next four weeks, as you can see in Friday’s issue.
  • ebooks: When Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 14 review is published, and we’ve completed our Summer OS Preview series, both will be available as e-books exclusively for club members.
  • Shortcuts and automations: In addition to its review, Federico will share a set of advanced iOS 14 shortcuts and automations in MacStories Weekly.
  • ‘Making Of’ iOS 14 review: When Federico’s review is published, we look behind the scenes at how the review is done in MacStories Weekly.
  • MacStories disconnected: We’ll also be publishing special episodes of MacStories Unplugged, our Club podcast, covering the nerds, behind the scenes details of Federico’s review and our favorite iOS and iPadOS 14 apps.
  • Surprises: Of course, it would not be a MacStories celebration without some surprises, so keep an eye on MacStories Weekly for more details in the coming weeks.

To get you started, we have discounts on 36 apps, services and hardware, for a total of over $ 350 potential savings:

See club.macstories.net/anniversary for the terms of each agreement.

Many thanks to everyone who made these discounts and gifts that we will announce in Weekly possible. Your support means a lot to us.

Club members can log in to their member account and access these offers from the special anniversary page we have set up just for you. The discounts will be available for four weeks from today 14 September to 11 October.

Thanks again to our club members. We appreciate the hard earned money you spend to be a part of our growing society. If you are a monthly or annual member and your subscription expires, we hope you will stick around because we are working on some exciting plans for the club.

If you’ve never tried Club MacStories, you can. Even if you sign up for just one month, which only costs $ 5, you have access to over 300 previous issues of newsletters and all the e-books and other downloadable content we’ve created in the last five years.

Finally, our existing club members have played a major role in expanding our community over the past five years. We will love it if you help us spread the word about the club. With your help and help from new members, we’ll be able to continue delivering more of everything you enjoy about MacStories each week.

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