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Color issues with multiport adapter HDMI: mac

So I have a Macbook from 2016, and I use a multiport adapter (the one made by Apple with USB-C, HDMI and regular USB) to connect my mac to a Samsung TV to use it as another monitor. I have been doing this for several weeks now and it has worked well. However, I noticed that something seemed to work yesterday. On my TV, the colors green and yellow are much lighter and the color red is a little darker. All other colors are normal. Imagine the Google Chrome logo, but with neon green, neon yellow and dark red. The screen on my mac screen is completely normal.

After fooling around with my TV settings and my mac settings and reconnecting all my cables over and over again, I have decided that the problem is coming from my adapter. And here̵

7;s why. When I connect the adapter with the HDMI cable connected to my Mac, for about half a second, the entire screen of my TV flashes neon green and then displays the screen of my Mac. I looked closely at my adapter and it does not appear to have any external hardware damage. I have tried to do things like reset NVRAM but it did not work.

I remember when I first got the adapter, asked me to do an update for it, so I thought that trying to reset it might work, but I have not been able to figure out how to do it and if it even is possible. So if anyone knows how I could solve the problem, let me know.

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