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Competitor Intelligence for All | App Store Insights from Appfigures

Sometimes a product comes along that changes the way you work. Which gives you a new superpower, you try it once and wonder what you have ever done without it. We have been working on such a product for the past five years, and today we are very happy to share it with the world: Competitor Intelligence by Appfigures.

You can check out the new report now or keep reading for more information.

We all know that creating a successful app requires skill, luck and making many good decisions. To stay informed, app developers must always monitor and weigh three main areas: how their apps perform, what their competitors are doing, and what is happening in their market. As our CEO Ariel likes to say, “running an app is like running a business.”


The products that currently offer the data we need to make smart decisions: download and revenue estimates, advertising intelligence and SDK usage, are either extremely expensive, unreliable due to lack of sample data, or both. Since the beginning of the app market, access to high-quality competitors and market information has been reserved for app publishers with the deepest pockets.

Over the past five years, we have been working on a solution that balances our basic principle of strict privacy with the need for high quality, affordable competitor information. It turns out that our unique business model (you are not the product), combined with our 11 years in the business, allows us to try something no one has done before.

In February last year, we released the mobile market index, the first step towards that goal, and today we officially announce a big next step: the Competitor Intelligence report. As usual, we send it with a wonderful user experience, attentive customer support and a growing library of educational resources.

Get ahead of the competition

Enlarge the market and validate new ideas

Detailed download and revenue estimates allow you to measure the level of success of popular apps in different market segments. Setting expectations early in your projects can help avoid costly mistakes and also discover untapped markets you may be uniquely positioned to enter.

See performance trends →

Benchmark your performance

The app’s performance is a function of your marketing work combined with different market forces. When you spot your downloads, how do you know what caused it? Did your last announcement make a difference, or did all the apps in your segments make a similar bump? You can now answer such questions to better guide user acquisition and marketing strategies.

Start analyzing your competitors →

Discover new development strategies

SDK Intelligence lets you look under the hood to understand what kind of tracking, revenue generation and development strategies apps use. Do competitors originally build their apps, or do they use a third-party tool? What ad networks do they use? You can answer these questions and more, while staying informed when strategies change.

See what drives competitors’ apps →

We’re just getting started

Although the tools we send today will certainly shake up the workflow for decision making, we will not stop there. We are already busy building the next wave of intelligence reports:

  • Advertising intelligence: Analyze how your competitors gain users through ads. View the entire ad directory, monitor how much they spend, and which ad networks they prefer.
  • Analysis of user sentiment: Understand what users have to say about the competition without having to read all their reviews. Our AI will extract meaning from user reviews to help you understand exactly what users love and what can be done better.
  • Public demographics: Compare and contrast the age and gender demographics of an app or the entire market segment.

Your turn!

The new Competitor Intelligence report gives you access to invaluable insights that are sure to have an immediate impact. Check it out →

To help you get the most out of your new report, we’ve put together a thorough guide to guide you through the most common ways to use Competitor Intelligence data to increase your download.

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