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Corporate Training, NYC Workshop and Book Update

Corporate Training, NYC Workshop, and Book Update

I'm afraid I ran out of Friday Q & A this week. Shooters for next week instead. Instead, I present a little update about various other things in my world.

On Plausible Labs, we introduce a corporate education program where businesses can bring us (mostly) to teach their programmers the same kind of wild and amazing things I'm blogging about. We focus on Swift, since it's the hot new thing, but we can do something as we know if there's demand. If you work with a company that may be interested in having us, or just knowing about one, please contact. It's the whole Friday's Q & A goodness you love, concentrated, personal and made hugs.

Similarly, we have another Swift workshop coming up in New York City on Friday 29th. September. Come to this and I will teach you everything if they deeper darken the secrets of protocols, generics, introspection, pointers and more. See the workshop page for more info or to get tickets.

Finally, the next issue of The Complete Friday Q & A comes close to completion. I need to get a cover ready for it and then there is some administrative mumbo jumbo to get an ISBN and upload it and such and I have to write some more small secret bonus pages and then it will be ready to go . Of course, I will announce this when available. Keep yourself updated!

Do you like this article? I sell all the books full of them! Volumes II and III are now out! They are available as ePub, PDF, Print, and on iBooks and Kindle. Click here for more information.

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