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Cosmic clock sets the universe at your fingertips – Apple World Today

Cosmic Watch is designed and developed by Celestial Dynamics Ltd in Zurich, Switzerland, so it's no wonder the app has the precision of a fine mechanical watch. The app, which sells for $ 4.99, is probably the best astronomy app I've used. It stands out from many of the others by acting as a 3D planetarium, a timepiece that no one you've ever used before, and as an extended reality guide to the night sky.

Launch Cosmic Watch on your iPhone or iPad, and you'll be drawn into the app's beautiful, real-time renderings of the universe around you. Touch the controls on the left side of the screen and you can select a time and date view in one of many different formats. For example, I like to touch the Earth icon to show the globe as it is currently illuminated by the sun and oriented to a heavenly background. There is a small red screen button on the right side of the screen, along with information about your current location.

Cosmic Watch has lots of features, so many that it is a good idea to visit the app's website and go through the tutorials. Although these video tutorials are for an older version of the app, they still provide a quick overview of some of these features. For more information, it is a better idea to read the user guide for this version of Cosmic Watch. Early on I decided to download the user manual as a PDF so that I could access it at any time. There is also a built-in help system activated by pressing? (question mark) button, and with an Internet connection that also provides access to the user guide.

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