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Countimo, Ice Cream Truck and True Skate

Quickly add dominoes or dice, use an ice car, and throw sick tricks with today's collection of programs and games.

All app prices can be changed at any time and without notice regardless of the stated free duration. Price changes are solely during the development of the developers.

True Skate ($ 1

.99 → Free, 136.6 MB): Throw sick tricks in True Skate. Fans of extreme sports who prefer simulation games.

In True Skate your fingers work like your feet. The girl controls work just as you expect them to, so you can pump, flip, and grill with little effort. The tutorial at the beginning of the game will walk you through the basics to ensure that you get hold of things before you take on assignments. The game includes realistic physics, the ability to challenge other players, replays, slow motion and the ability to unlock lots of extra content.

True Skate is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4-star rating with a total of 13397 characters.

Countimo – Domino Counter ($ 0.99 → Free, 14.8 MB): Quickly add dominoes or dice with Countimo. Fans of table games.

Countimo is a great addition to the game night. It allows you to add dominoes or dice by pressing corresponding tiles on the screen. You can change the colors of the tiles to fit in your set, and you can choose between pips or numeric digits. An ongoing history of all your counting tiles can be seen at the top of the screen. A double-empty button can be configured with different values ​​to suit which game you are playing. Countimo also contains 11 backgrounds to choose from.

Countimo – Domino Counter is available for free for limited time. It has a 4.5 star rating with a total of 84 characters.

Ice Cream Truck ($ 2.99 → Free, 264.5 MB): Go on a good frozen adventure in Ice Cream Truck. Parents who need a new way to keep the kids entertained.

Ice Cream Truck is certified child friendly. You will not find any external links or purchases in the app here. Just pure entertainment. The app features five different activities, so your child can drive the truck, sell ice cream, make frozen yogurt, pillowcases and whip up cotton. Each activity includes many methods of interaction, which means your child should have no problem being busy for hours.

Ice Cream Truck is available free of charge for a limited time. It has a 3.5 star rating with a total of 255 characters.

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