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Crested Watch Straps (3rd Party)

Hello everyone,

My Crested wristwatches just came in the mail! All in all, it was a great process; The straps arrived in less than 10 days. As I researched them, I noticed that many of us had the same questions and concerns, and many of them were related to the quality and safety of these third-party straps. Well strap in, because I'll do my best to give some answers!

  • Sport Loop – Overall, these are FANTASTIC. It makes sense that these are the most commonly purchased third-party loops, and that's because (IMO) it's pretty hard to root out colored fabric and Velcro.

  • COMFORTABILITY – 10/10. IMO, there is literally no difference. It feels like you're wearing a piece of fabric on your wrist. It is not scratchy or abrasive at all. I know we all want the best time ever, but there is no difference here. If you hate watches and need maximum comfort, go for the $ 60 strap if it helps you sleep at night!

  • APPEARANCE – 8/10. This is only 8/10 due to the size differences you can see in the image linked below. The lengths are almost all different, and the widths are a bit smaller (which is actually a BIG pro for me, but for some I am sure it will tilt the scale). Other than that, they look good on my wrist – no bumps, distance problems, etc.

  • SAFETY – This is probably the biggest issue for people who decide on third-party straps for $ 300 +, and I get it; however, the lugs are as tight as the Apple loops, and they click into place with the same exact click. I understand wanting to protect your watch, but I think security shouldn't be a problem. But again, if $ 57 helps you sleep at night, you can go for it. It is also worth mentioning that security of security is always a thing unless you wear a NATO strap. I have a few thousand dollars + watches, and I'm always scared of a broken lug one of these days. It's just a risk that watch owners have, but it rarely happens (compare with a plane crash and be realistic).


  • Milanese Loop – Overall not so happy with this. However, I would say that I do NOT have a reference for this strap, so I do not know how it should feel or look .. I know Apple overpriced a lot, but usually you get what you pay for. I would assume and assume that Apple's official Milanese Loop is miles better, but that's just an assumption. For $ 3, why not give it a try. They offer a bunch of colors, so if it's really similar (which will suck because it's not worth $ 150) then give it a shot 🙂

  • COMFORTABILITY – 6/10. Nothing special, very strange material that I am not used to with a strange fit. When you do not move the wrist at all, it feels thin, light and not noticeable, but as soon as you bend your wrist you can feel it suck (remember you can feel all the watches. Rolex is comfortable but you have metal on your wrist after all).

  • APPEARANCE 7/10 – Not quite honest, but it's a cool look. Smooth, thin and black. The locks match my watch (SG Alum) almost PERFECT. I wanted to wear this a lot more, but keep reading ..

  • SAFETY 4/10 – 2 issues: 1) The loop end slides out of the lug, leaving you with a unique lug in your hand or at 2 o'clock) the magnetic strap feels not at all. The biggest thing here is # 1 – if the strap is not made, you can probably catch it or hit your hand in something to prevent it from slipping off the wrist, but since it is so thin, the strap will fall straight out of the pile, and makes the clock fall straight down. I hope it makes sense. The only pro is that the lugs fit perfectly and click into place.

OVERALL – I think if you are going to a third party, your best bet is a sports loop. After all, it seems the fabric loop is the hardest to mess up. Metal, leather and silicon .. not so much. I think for $ 2 the sports loops are very much worth it. I order 3-5 more tonight. This will allow me to buy crazy colors that I would never spend $ 60 on.

Pic – https://imgur.com/a/FNl7gw0ebrit19659014]
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