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CrowdStrike Bolsters Endpoint Protection Platform with new capabilities

SUNNYVALE, California – (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) –Fal.Con 2020 – CrowdStrike, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection, today announced improvements to the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s visibility, recognition and response capabilities across Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems and new customization features enable customers to tailor information views and create dashboards based on unique business needs.


7;s threat players extend the reach beyond Windows operating system goals. In the 2019 CrowdStrike Services Cyber ​​Front Lines Report, threatening actors increasingly observed targeting macOS environments and used relatively unsophisticated methods to gain access. The growing popularity of macOS systems in organizations, combined with inadequate management and monitoring of macOS endpoints, has made macOS devices lucrative targets for opponents. In addition, hosts with Linux operating systems are also at the crossroads of threat actors, as the operating system is often used to protect valuable assets and servers and is essential for cloud expansion.

“To defend against the expansion of threat activity, companies need robust threat-centered security features to effectively protect their endpoints. These features are best served within a single platform that provides comprehensive recognition, visibility and response capabilities across operating systems, ”said Amol Kulkarni, CrowdStrike Product Manager. “The recently expanded features of the cloud-native Falcon Platform enhance endpoint protection, regardless of the operating system you choose. Falcon Platform now also enables customers to fine-tune safety data and dashboards to create customized workload protection specific to their business needs. ”

The Falcon platform updates provide the following options:

  • Discovery: CrowdStrike has improved its lateral motion detection to include attacks across the operating system, such as when an opponent uses RDP to move from Linux to Windows. CrowdStrike has also extended detection for Linux based on the MITER ATT & CK framework. On macOS, Falcon will improve local protection when these devices are disconnected with sensor-based machine learning that complements existing cloud-based ML. For Windows, Falcon now detects and prevents attacks that exploit known vulnerable drivers and provide kernel exploitation protection.

  • Visibility: CrowdStrike extends Linux visibility by capturing multiple networking events to improve investigation. CrowdStrike also extends Linux vulnerability management coverage with the Spotlight module, which offers real-time vulnerability exposure assessment without affecting the hosts. MacOS Firmware Analysis informs customers if the BIOS is vulnerable or potentially compromised.

  • Answer: CrowdStrike Real Time Response operating system support extends to both macOS and Linux. CrowdStrike Real Time Response gives administrators direct access to investigate and assist external hosts, quickly gather information and return the environment to a known safe state. Real Time Response gives respondents the surgical cleanup and investigation features they need, including the ability to kill processes, remove files or directories, retrieve data or files, or run custom scripts and executable files on multiple systems.

  • OS Support: CrowdStrike will fully support Apple’s kernel extension software on macOS Catalina and Big Sur. By leveraging Apple’s Endpoint Security Framework, Falcon achieves the same levels of visibility, detection and protection only through a user room sensor. On Linux, new enhancements now also make it possible to support minor Linux kernel version updates immediately without the need for a Falcon sensor update.

  • Adaptability: CrowdStrike has completely updated its dashboard capabilities with a rich new set of tools, filters and visualizations. Customers can use new preconfigured dashboards or create custom views to track, measure and prioritize relevant insights based on their own business context. This allows users to select the information that is relevant to them and then display it on a custom dashboard. By giving users control over how they view their information, they can move away from “one size fits all” models and choose what is most relevant and best supports their unique business priorities.

To learn more about today’s news and CrowdStrike’s endpoint and workload protection features, sign up for the CrowdStrike’s Cybersecurity Conference Fal.Con 2020, which takes place October 15, 2020!

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