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Daily deals on the App Store

So I got this app and I looked through it and everything. Then I notice that practically everything is locked. I tap it to see how you unlock it and you have to pay. Not for the unique, but to basically do something in the app at all, you have to pay either monthly or annually. A fair amount of money too. I do not want to spend money on this app MONTHLY just to unlock quotes that I can easily just search up on google or something instead. It̵

7;s a lifetime option, but it’s almost $ 50. WAY too much for something like that, I would say. Since I’m already annoyed by this, I come back to the app store to write a review to find that the pictures that describe the app do not say anything about everything being locked. In the picture there are no lock symbols. Anywhere. It does not warn you of anything. So basically I only spent half an hour figuring out that you have to pay for everything.
In conclusion, for people who like to save money and do not spend it monthly or annually on an app like this, I suggest that you just search for inspirational quotes on google, pinterest or any browser you have. It is easier and much cheaper. Anyway, if the items in this app did not cost that much, it would be a great app to use. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please consider lowering your prices or unlocking more options. Have a nice day.

Hi there,
I’m sorry you found the premium options too expensive. You can still use most features and read thousands of offers for free, so I hope you will get some value from it.
We are constantly adding new free content and features, so stay tuned for the next update!
Contact us at hello@motivation.app if you have any new feedback, we are always trying to improve.

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