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Daylite 6.7.5 free download for Mac

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I used Daylite since many years ago (v2). So far I was happy with the app, but lately the company's policy stinks.
First, they force us, long-term customers, to move to the cloud, even if you don't need / ask for it. To do so, they said a new operating system will not be supported … If this was the case, it is difficult to argue against as it is a business decision. What is a bad move and speaks very poorly about them is to create a specific "legacy" version, with a cuestionable red ribbon, remove the regular versions from their site and worst still loot for users. Version 6.5.11 works perfectly on Mojave, but the legacy even refuses to install. However, version 6.5.11 will not be downloaded from their website.
Daylite, you're cheating on us!
This nasty approach (bad practice) is exactly the same on the OS part. The last upgrade broke the sync … Again, bad practice.
Honestly, if you look from a CRM on mac, don't trust these people when their actions talk about them. Probably it would be better to look for other solutions that, if I need to go cloud, why not go to real cloud solutions like Hubspot? I have been a loyal user of Daylite and have always told well about the product. But the way they work now is definitely a red flag to ask yourself what will be next? No software will last forever, but approaching as Marketcircle stinks.

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