If you're at all like me, then the time of year you receive most packages. In the middle of the holidays, the usual assortment of deliveries that my wife and I have come for us have come together of all the gifts we have bought for others. There can be no better timing, as my package tracker, Deliveries, has added Siri shortcut support today.

Deliveries offer five different types of shortcuts you can configure, four of which can be configured from the inside of the App Settings screen. A few of these are quick launches for different parts of the app, such as "Add a Delivery" and "Scan a Package." Another shows you an overview of all the packages traced by the app. However, my personal favorites have to do with specific packages.

The fourth shortcut that can be set up directly in Deliveries is one that tells you the status of your next arrival package. If you apply this shortcut via an iPhone or iPad, Siri will tell you the expected delivery date and you will see exactly which package it refers to. You can also ask Siri on HomePod, but from there you only hear when the package arrives and not what package it is.

For questions that require more specificity, I recommend the fifth and last shortcut option: Custom shortcuts to determine when individual deliveries arrive. These can only be set up from the iOS & # 39; Settings app, where packages you track will be suggested as shortcuts. It would obviously be inconvenient to set up individual shortcuts for each package you get, but for those who are very important to you, this is a very nice option to have. I already love asking Siri on my HomePod when a particular item comes up and receives an instant, informed response. I plan to use this feature a lot in the future of deliveries I'm particularly excited about.

Deliveries are available at the App Store.