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Dev compensation

What should I charge every hour to develop an app for a startup? I want to consider myself a little ahead of a beginner level, but I’m very quick to pick things up. I taught myself under quarantine. I have made countless codes with Chris tutorials and only looked up documentation to fill in any gaps (raywanderlich, hacking w / quick, stack, etc.) We have weekly meetings and I have delivered in adding small features like different view button lists etc. I’ve been very open about my skill level. I want to be fair, but I also want to make sure I get compensated quite a bit so I spend 5-7 hours a week on it. My first thought is $ 35 per, which is a little less than what an entry level iOS developer makes according to the payment scale. Thanks if you read so sorry it was words!

PS right now I am using a uikit project connected to a Firestore database. I import some swiftui views using hosting controls since the user interface control is so much easier. I have found it easy to navigate to a swiftui view from a uikit view controller, but have found it much more difficult to navigate to a view controller from a swiftui view. Is there a more intuitive way to do this than the tutorials I have seen?

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