Today at Dialog, we end season one with a discussion of what we learned from each of our guests. Despite widely differing backgrounds, there were several themes that ran through our interviews with John Gruber, Frank Turner, John August, Carrie Patel and Pierce Brown. To end season one, we go through getting started as a writer, the impact and use of social media, influences and idea generation, getting past the writer's block and the roles of hard work, luck and privilege to succeed.

Thanks for listening to season one of Dialog. We have not decided on when season two will begin, but we will return with a whole new set of guests and another theme in the near future. In the meantime, if you missed any of the previous interviews, go back and check them out. A big advantage of a show like Dialog is that the themes are evergreen and as relevant today as they were when they were first released.

We would also like to thank each of our guests for taking the time to chat with us about writing. Without the generosity of John Gruber, Frank Turner, John August, Carrie Patel and Pierce Brown, this season would not have been possible. Thanks also to this season's sponsors who believed in and supported the show before we even recorded the first episode.

You can find the latest episode of season one here or listen through the Dialog browser below.

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