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Different ‘Round Here by Riley Green on Apple Music

Editor’s notes
It’s a lyric about halfway through Riley Green’s debut album, on “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died”, which tells you just about everything you need to know about where he sits in the landscape of the modern country: “I wish everyone abroad could do it home / I wish country music was still played on country radio. ”Spiritual, sincere and good humor, Different ‘Round Here presents Green as a return from the 90s to the eclecticism of the current country ̵

1; not a return in itself (the baseball cap speaks volumes) as much as a torchbearer for values ​​that have fallen out of fashion. “There Was This Girl” gets a spitfire to the churchyard, “In a Truck Right Now” greets the freedom found on back roads, and “Get That Man a Beer” flips the old story of the one who got lost in an ode to the guy she ended up – for boy, he took a bullet. When it comes to the title track, Green is smart enough to know that the lifestyle (and music) he loves is no longer mainstream, and that sometimes the most radical decision is to hang on to things just as they are.

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