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display – How to scale graphics for Mac OS

I recently bought this 2k monitor on Amazon. I connect the 2015 Macbook Pro 15-inch w / retina display with a DisplayPort Mini to the DisplayPort cable. I am currently running Mac OS Mojave. These are the resolutions I can use immediately:

enter image description here

1440p looks very good, but everything is so small. I can zoom in on some apps, but not all; system fonts cannot be changed at all.

1080p is a more comfortable scale, but then things start to get blurry.

Is there no way to reach a happy medium? Do I just have to choose whether to sacrifice readability or aesthetics? I feel like Windows and linux have a way of setting the scale of things regardless of resolution, does such a thing exist for Mac?

UPDATE: I tried TinkerTool and it scales just a few things, not all. For example, the menu bar at the top of the screen is the same size. Also graphic things like the traffic light buttons are unaffected. So in general it did not really help

UPDATE 2: When I use the laptop by itself, I see something like this:

enter image description here

All the options look good on the Mac screen, but the screen options do not look as good …

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