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Ditching a MacBook for OpenBSD on a Thinkpad

On Monday I wrote about switching from a $ 3k MacBook Pro to an $ 800 Gateway PC laptop. Here are some who switched from a MacBook to Linux on a Thinkpad.

On this mid-range Thinkpad I have an SD card reader, HDMI, USB ports, RJ-45 – I never need a dongle, or say the word dongle, ever again now that Apple is out of my life.

My memory is pretty good. And I remember when I got my first Mac product: it was because there was no decent alternative to having a laptop for development, but one where Microsoft Windows was not a requirement.

Many times I tried to channel a Linux installation on my various Macs, but things just weren̵

7;t there. There was always a problem with this or that, and it really hurt.

I think I lost the smell of the trail. OpenBSD works so well, I wonder how many years I could have used this great operating system outside of just the server world.

Of course, this setup is not for everyone. If you are green on the UNIX front, or cannot read a manual, you will be foolish to do so. For the others, it is certainly a viable solution, to say the least.

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