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Do not buy these Apple products

  Stop There are times when you just need to draw a line in the sand and tell everyone who notices, " Do not cross this line ." You can be beaten in your face now and again. Or your warning can be safeguarded.

In this case, I have a list of Apple products that you should not buy. Why not? They are not worthy of your money, even though Apple still has them available for sale. Why does Apple want to sell products that an Apple customer would not recommend? Read on.

Old is not new

If a product has never been sold by a retailer to a customer, does it still make a new product? I do not think so. It may not be used in the used car's feeling, but not perishable, nor does it make it new. Here is my list of Apple products to avoid.

Mac mini ̵

1; Apple downgraded the Mac mini with its latest upgrade three years ago, and has not bothered to make a change page. What does it say? 1) Apple's Mac engineers are lazy, 2) the inventory is very high, 3) something new comes. Let's go with what lies behind the door # 3, Monte.

MacBook Air – It's still $ 1000 and still does not have a Retina screen. Honestly, I'm not sure anymore what Apple does on the whole Mac, except to ignore it, but MacBook Air is still much loved as a Mac at the start-up level, and if you spend extra money it might be a powerful notebook, but the boy is this little dog long in the tooth.

iPad mini 4 – Yes, iPad Pro is the cat's meow among tablets, and even the $ 369 iPad looks like a refreshment and seems like a bargain for that price, but the only smaller iPad mini has not seen an upgrade this year. If it's not on Death Row, then it's Dead iPad Walking.

iPod touch – Yes, you can still buy iPod. Who knew, right? The only model iPod you can get these days is the connector and even the years for iPhone standards. It has an A8 CPU, an 8MP camera, but five colors – space gray, blue, gold, pink and silver. A 32GB model is $ 200 and 128GB is $ 300. Mac Pro – apart from the few who need real power, the Mac Pro line is anything but dead, than-of-the-life of Apple even when the company pre-announced a replacement; due to next year, or maybe the year after, but with a temporary iMac Pro later in 2017 (in space gray) promising to be more powerful, more capable and more Pro.

Watch Series 1 ] – There are times when I do not understand Apple's product migration method. First, it was Watch. Then it became Watch Series 0 and later we had Watch Series 1, Series 2, and now Series 3 and Series 3 LTE. But now there is no Watch Series 2. We are back to Series 1 again. The price starts at $ 249, while Watch Series 3 with GPS is only $ 329.

Apple TV – no, not Apple TV 4K for $ 179, but Apple TV from three or four years ago for $ 149 – only $ 30 less to much older technology. Honestly, I do not understand why Apple sells old products as if they are new products, $ 30 discount does not resist.

I could distinguish and tip the iPhone line ranging from $ 349 to $ 1,149, but some of the models – iPhone 6s an iPhone 6s Plus, I'm looking at you – should not be part of the mix, anyway anyway. They are old. Apple sells them as if they are new. They are not.

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