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Do not install iOS 14.2 beta if you are planning to get an iPhone 12 ASAP

ioS 14.2 is great, but not so good.

Stay away from iOS 14.2 if you plan to get an iPhone 12 in October.
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Apple is already testing iOS 1

4.2. But you should stay away from it if you plan to get an iPhone 12 as soon as it is released. It is likely that the new handset will launch an earlier version of iOS and it will give you difficulties.

Multiple iOS versions mean more issues

iOS 14 came out earlier this month, and then Apple jumped right over to iOS 14.2 for its beta test program. Many believe Apple has reserved iOS 14.1 for the iPhone 12, which will almost certainly arrive in mid-October.

Here’s the problem. If your current handset is running an iOS 14.2 beta, but your shiny new iPhone 12 is running iOS 14.1, you will not be able to restore the latest backup of your new device. You can not put a backup made with a version of iOS on a handset running an older version. ->

So stay away from iOS 14.2 if you have an eye on an iPhone 12. It is true that the upcoming version of iOS is nice. It has built-in Shazam music recognition, and dozens of new emoji. But it’s not worth the trouble.

Suggestions for those who are already running iOS 14.2

If you’re in the Apple Beta software and already jumped on the new beta, it’s definitely not a disaster. You have several options.

One is to go back to iOS 14. As long as you have backed up your iPhone on a Mac or PC before upgrading to version 14.2, it’s easy to go back. Follow the step-by-step instructions in Cult of Macits guide to downgrading.

If you did not back up another computer, there are still possibilities. One is to install an iOS 14.2 beta on iPhone 12 as soon as you get it. However, this may not be possible if there is not yet a beta compatible version of the new device.

The second option is to set up the new handset as a new device. Do not try to use the backup. There is more work to be done, but Apple is making it as easy as possible. For more info, read our guide on what to do when your iOS backup is newer than the iPhone’s operating system.

Of course, if you are waiting to buy iPhone 12 for iOS 14.2 or later is available to everyone, you do not need to worry about this.

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