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Does Apple TV have a future?

Apple TV: perhaps the most beloved of Apple’s major platforms? Although Apple TV has been around for about as long as the iPhone – it was actually shown by Steve Jobs before the iPhone announcement, even though it was then called “iTV” – the set-top box has long seemed like an afterthought for company.

It has only recently increased as Apple has partnered with third-party TV makers and competitors to expand the footprint of the Apple TV + service, giving these devices features such as the Apple TV app and AirPlay 2.

Nevertheless, recent rumors suggest that an updated Apple TV may be waiting in the wings, but what improvements it may have, are mostly some who are guessing. But with all the changes in the streaming world and Apple̵

7;s position in it, is there still room for Apple TV as a distinct product?

TV everywhere

Streaming hardware is ubiquitous these days. Almost all TVs on the market have their own built-in app package for streaming popular services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, and many boast extensive app catalogs. Similarly, Apple faces stiff competition from other popular decoder vendors, including Amazon, Roku and Nvidia, which almost all offer devices that are significantly cheaper than Apple TV.

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Roku (pictured), Amazon, Nvidia and others face stiff competition in the digital box market.

Streaming boxes have been commodified for better or worse. When you can watch Netflix on half a dozen different devices in your house, it’s hard to argue for buying one that starts at $ 149 (and it’s not even for the more expensive models that support 4K video).

Yes, Apple has positioned Apple TV as a premium device, and it offers features that other streaming boxes only put in their own high-end devices, if at all, such as support for the Dolby Vision standard. But many consumers are not even aware of these advanced standards – many have just reached the point of upgrading to 4K.

Which leaves Apple TV’s main selling point as its general integration with the Apple ecosystem. And since Apple now offers its streaming service on other manufacturers’ devices, the exclusivity of that synergy is reduced to fewer categories, including the App Store.

The game is over

While the App Store on Apple TV is surprisingly robust compared to many of its competitors in the set-top area, it pales in comparison to what is offered on Apple’s other major platforms. Apps for Apple TV mainly fall into two categories: watching video content and games.

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