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DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch ‘very close’, says developer

Doom Eternal Nintendo SwitchSource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

DOOM Events developer has said that a Nintendo Switch version of the game is “very close”, but can not say how close.

As reported by Nintendo Life, iD Software Marty Stratton recently spoke with Digital Foundry’s John Linneman in an interview, and this is what he had to say:

“I wish I could give you specific reasons I know … I read all the comments when we say something about Doom Eternal, as if it’s always one of five comments, yes” how about you tell us about the switch “. I know that people are anxious. “

Stratton further said that iD tried to make the game “the best version of the game it could possibly be”, but that working from home meant that it took “a little longer to get there”.

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This is good news, however, Stratton said the game was “very close”, and that iD would talk about it again “in the not too distant future”, he just could not say exactly how close.

When it was released in March, DOOM broke Eternal franchise records, doubling the launch revenue from the previous Doom title in 2016, giving over 100,000 simultaneous players on Steam at one stage.

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