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Dragalia lost for iOS: Tips and tricks

It felt like yesterday only when Nintendo continued to say they will never release games on mobile smartphones and tablets. Still, we now have four games based on existing IPs (Miitomo, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp), and now a mobile RPG without previous IP history called Dragalia Lost.

Dragalia Lost is a brand new RPG that is not based on an existing feature of Nintendo. It is developed with Cygames and is a heavy anime-influenced RPG that is quite fun to play.

It has been out in the United States for a few months but recently launched in Canada, UK, New Zealand and some others

We already have a beginner's guide for you, and today we will move on with more tips and tricks for to help you get the most out of Dragalia Lost.

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Explore every corner and crane on the map

The steps in Dragalia Lost have quite simple maps, but it is easy to miss something, especially after meeting a fork in the road, Choose a direction and don't worry about circling back. The paths are like hallways (think Final Fantasy XIII), so you can't feel you have missed anything.

But since the map tells you clearly when to move on to the boss, I would recommend doing some backtracking before that. You should go back to the other road that you didn't take because there is usually a treasure chest hidden away. You should also take a stick on some objects, such as barrels, or even foliage in the environment, as there may be things hiding among them.

Also, keep your eyes slipping for shiny spots – a clear sign that there is something good hiding there.

Pay attention to the basic status of each step

Each step is associated with a particular item and you can find out what is by checking the icon next to the level name. You should use this information to plan your team accordingly.

Remember that Dragalia Lost has a rock paper case system for elementary connections. Fire beats Wind, Wind defeat Water and water triumph over fire. Light and dark are opposites to each other, so they are best suited to each other.

To make your own party members stronger against their own weaknesses, be sure to unlock their inaction in their Mana circles.

Pay attention to the suggested perhaps level numbers

Another thing to note at each step is "suggested possible level." This is the number at each step, and it is basically how strong your team should be before taking that stage.

As your characters rise and are upgraded in various ways, the statistics, including their aggregate power, increase. When you have a full team, the strength of each adventurer is taken into account. The strength level of the team is the sum of the total power of each character.

The suggested levels are important because if the team numbers are below it, you have a harder time beating enemies on the map. If your numbers meet the minimum, it should not be too difficult for you.

Make Six Different Character Layers

Since each chapter focuses on another element type for enemy encounters, you should have several different layer options available.

In the beginning you will only have some adventurers at your disposal, so your team will be a little inconsistent. However, when you buy new heroes through history or summons, you will end up with a wide variety of options to choose from.

Dragalia Lost allows players to create up to six different layers that can be stored for easy access. This also allows for many experiments that you find out what works best when it comes to variety and strength.

To select another layer, just press the arrows or drag horizontally when you see your layer before entering the level. You can also make last-minute changes if needed.

Reserve Skills and Kiteshape for Chief Meetings

For the most part, you should be able to get through the usual mob, just fine with normal attacks. The fallen enemies also release the shiny blue crystals that fill your dragon shape gauge, so be sure to cut them all down.

Each character has their own unique special skill that needs to be recharged by defeating enemies. When these are ready to be used, just click on the skill icon at the bottom. These attacks do more damage than regular hits, and therefore, they should be stored for when you need them, for example in battles.

All adventurers can also become a dragon as long as they have it equipped. Miniclip Beat small enemies to collect the crystals, then tap the dragon portrait to transform. While you are a dragon, you are invincible and beat much harder than your human form, so it is best to switch to dragon mode under the main battles so you don't waste it.

Force Bases Out of Overdrive with Force Break Attack

During the Battles, after the boss takes some damage, they switch to Overdrive mode. While in Overdrive, they will attack much faster, so you need to be quick to avoid being hit. Fortunately, the game tells when enemies are attacking attacks thanks to red markers, so it's just a matter of being aware.

Fortunately, the Overdrive mode lasts only for a short time, like your dragon shape. However, if you want to break enemies out of these slow-down modes, use the Force Break attacks.

Force Break attacks must first be unlocked through the Mana circuits, but these attacks are incredibly useful. If you'd rather land these hits, they will destroy the enemy Overdrive gauge faster, making them less of a threat.

Bosses also end up in an anesthetized and vulnerable state once destroyed by overdrive, where they cannot move and take more damage than normal. Take advantage of it to pin out as much damage as possible and end it.

Some enemies also have protective barriers, and the only way to get through their defenses is to use a Force Break attack. So when you get the opportunity to do so, everyone's Force Break attack is released ASAP.

Upgrade all

When unlocking multiple characters, you will still upgrade all smoothly or as best you can. That way, you can get the adventurers of each item ready to go when you need them, without worrying about being too weak for a particular stage.

There are many ways to upgrade a sign. The easiest way is to use them in battle, as they gain experience points and level up. You can also use upgrade materials, such as medals, to give characters and increase their levels without throwing them into battle.

Mana circuits are also important for a character's growth since this is where you can increase your statistics and unlock new skills. But Mana is a limited resource, so you should definitely prioritize upgrades here if you want enough Mana to go around for everyone. Definitely go for each character's Force Strike ability first, as it turns out to be invaluable throughout the game.

The design and equipping of running weapons also increases the character force, giving them dragon shapes and Wyrmprints.

Replay completed stages of experience and things

If you start running in stages where perhaps the level is a little too high for you, or if things start to feel more difficult than they should be, it's time to go back and do some grinding. [19659002] You can always backtrack and play scenes that you've already completed just to get some extra experience and items for upgrades. It may seem a bit boring at first, but this is what most RPGs are all about. You need some training for the best of your enemies.

The game also has an item called "Skip Tickets", where you can collect the experience and items from a scene without playing through it again. However, be aware that these are limited (you get some as daily rewards) so you can't just skip and automatically collect everything forever.

Always go to Tenfold Summon

While the story unlocks new characters every so often, you will acquire new heroes mostly through Summoning. This requires Wyrmite to do, which is the game's currency, and it is quite generous to give Wyrmite out as rewards for logging in, completing stages and finishing Endeavors.

However, a single Summon 150 Wyrmite costs and what you get is completely random. There is a table where you can see what the odds are of getting character, dragon or object.

But it is definitely recommended to store the precious Wyrmite to make Tenfold Summon, which costs 1500 Wyrmite (the same as 10 individual summonses), but you are guaranteed at least a four-star classified or higher adventurer, dragon or wizard.

Another option, if you have the desired amount of Diamond (premium currency) is to go to the Daily Deal adventurer. This guarantees that special character for the day, but you need Diamantium to do so, which usually requires a purchase in the app.

Make some friends

Before you dive into each step, you are asked to choose an extra team member. These characters are based on other Dragalia Lost players and are usually the leaders of their team.

After each match, the game asks if you want to send that player a friend request. It's always a good thing to get some friends on this game because you get strong allies that you can use in battle if needed.

Unfortunately, these extra group members are limited to just using their special attack in battle, so it's not like they will add fray as your own characters. Still, it's nice to have that extra firepower when facing tough bosses.

Check in at your castle regularly

After a certain point in the game, you will unlock "Castle Grounds", which is like a customizable slot area to call your own. It is mainly the city's building part of the game.

With Castle Grounds you can place different buildings to produce your own resources. For example, if you deposit a Rupie Mine, you will be able to produce the gold coin needed to buy Upgrade Essentials. This is also where Dragon Roost is, where you can feed all your dragons with the "Fresh Bread" element to increase the bond with them.

The castle is to your advantage, so be sure to check into it every now and then to gather your valuable resources.

Unleash your inner dragon

Dragalia Lost is a small social RPG from Nintendo that is entertaining and fun. It is definitely a new approach to them, since it is not based on existing IP, and there are many measures and customization involved.

These tips will help you get through the toughest times in the game and don't forget to check out our beginner's guide for more about Dragalia Lost!

Are you playing Dragalia Lost? Have more tips and tricks to share with others? Ease them in the comments below!

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