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Due to Apple Watch * and * a mechanical watch: AppleWatch

Potential first time Apple Watch owner here (SE really marks of all the boxes!): I wonder how many watch owners who also own one or more mechanical watches that have their own appeal, and how you juggle with them.

Do you find that wearing the watch every day means that you use the other watch less and less, as you become more and more dependent on the watch?

I’m not interested in watches at all, but I have two simple classic models with their own appeal – a Tag Carrera and a beautiful Autodromo Stradale that quite compliments my sports car – but I hate to find the Apple Watch pushing the others aside, and end up making me not want Stradale even on a weekend drive or as an informal piece.

So if you own a watch and other watches. I’m very interested in hearing how you ‘giggle’ the two (do you have one on each wrist, just planning to naff?) Or has your watch pretty much displaced the watch?

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