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Easy ways to send files on a Mac

  Yoink How many ways can you send a file from here and there to your Mac? What about iPhone and iPad? The methods of sending files anywhere are many and time honored. Here are a few I use every day.

Think Sharing Pane . It is the small square icon with the arrow coming out from the top. You can find it everywhere on Mac, iPhone and iPad apps. Safari has it. Oddly enough, the email – the app we often use to share files – doesn't have it. What are other ways to share files?

Digital Sneaker Net

The number of ways to share files from here to there are many and varied. Back in the day, we used FTP and email. For larger files we used sneaker net . Copy a file to a floppy disk, CD or DVD, and then carry it wherever it goes. Our file sharing lives are easier these days and many choices.

AirDrop ̵

1; macOS and iOS have a great opportunity to share larger files via AirDrop. Drag and drop. But only on a local network and not across interwebs.

DropZone – this nifty tool resides in Mac's Menu Bar and is a simple drag-and-drop way to move files from here and there. You create the destinations and Dropzone does the dirty work.

DropCopy – it works about the same way. Drag and drop. You create the specific destinations and drag and drop a file to the icon area, select the destination and release. DropCopy is an old favorite, and there is a mobile version for iOS.

Dropbox – I see that Dropbox is being used more and more thanks to the public folder option, but it may be somewhat cumbersome to set up for a specific user to receive a file.

WeTransfer – This service is free up to 2 GB and works well on almost all devices. However, you must register on WeTransfer first.

Firefox Send – Even Mozilla is in the file sharing industry, but without a business model. Firefox Send makes it easy to send a private, encrypted file – up to 1 GB – to almost anywhere.

Mail Drop – think of AirDrop but via Apple's Mail app and across interwebs vs. across the office to another Mac, iPhone or iPad. Mail Drop is free and easy to install and use. If you use Apple Mail.

Sneaker Net is not dead either. Our school has hundreds of Windows PCs, Chromebooks and Macs, and they all share one thing in common. A USB port. And that means USB jump drives to carry files from here and there.

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