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ECG problem …: AppleWatch

I got my dad to do an electrocardiogram with the Apple Watch 6 Series. I’m not a doctor, and I know it makes you laugh, but I noticed that his wave pattern was not the same as mine or my mother or brother. The waves regularly went down instead of up. However, the Apple Watch detected a common sinus rhythm, so with a positive result.

So I decided to take the report to a doctor, and to my surprise he replied: what is this? I answer him that it is an electrocardiogram with a single lead. The doctor starts laughing and answers: and what should I do about this? I said to him: yes I know … it’s not a complete 12-lead ECG! but I thought I understood that it was possible, even from a report from a single derivation, to identify at least some beginnings, a trace, something! So the doctor answers me: No. This does not help with anything. It shows the heart rate in 30 seconds, from a single diversion it is not possible to start with any thoughts.

I am a little shocked and disappointed with this experience. Any answers, similar experiences? I live in Italy and had this conversation with an Italian doctor. Here is the picture of my father ECG. Any nurses / doctors in here?

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