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EdgeView 2.843 – Breakthrough image viewer.

EdgeView is a groundbreaking image viewer. You can open different image files, and can open archive files such as ZIP and RAR in the built-in file browser without extraction. You can also connect to FTP and open files directly. EdgeView is an excellent choice when viewing and managing image or cartoon files as archives.

  • Image viewer:
    • Supports image files such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TIFF and PDF
    • Supports large archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR, 7-zip, ALZ, etc.
    • Can extract encrypted archive file
    • Can read the archive file in the archive file in the archive … as they are
    • Advanced pre-read cache for fast loading
    • High quality image reproduction
    • Provide suitable function for comic book reading ̵[ads1]1; Two-page spread, reading from right to left, etc.
    • Powerful navigation function – Move previous / next, skip, move only one page (change previous / next), etc .; you can move while checking thumbnails with progress bar and thumbnail fields
    • Support for track surface movements – Moving sides with sweeping movement, scaling with clamping movement
    • Built-in magnifying glass function to make it easier to see small characters
    • Can zoom in / out the image freely
    • Various special effects can be used in real time – Insert shadow on scattered pages, automatic level correction, blur, sharpening, sharpening mask, grayscale, coloring, etc .; detailed setting is possible from the HUD effect
    • Can roate, flip horizontally, flip vertical image
    • Animated GIF support – Pause / play, go to previous / next frame, and can change frame rate from animated GIF SKIN
    • Slide show support
    • You can adjust the transparency of each window
  • File Explorer:
    • Built-in file reader displays files as lists or icons
    • Can be arranged by file name, prices, author, category, etc.
    • It’s easy to add and change additional information, such as prices, author, category
    • Provide search functions such as search by searchlight, file name search
    • Can connect to FTP server in a file browser
    • FTP file search is also supported
    • Image files, archive files in FTP can also be opened directly (The archive file is downloaded and opened in a temporary folder; the files in the temporary folder are automatically deleted afterwards)
    • Save opened folders, archive files, PDF files as history
    • The last opened page, file position, special effects, display settings are saved and restored as they were in the last state when reopened
    • Can remote control in the comicShare app on iOS device (http://comicshare.yu-nagi.com)
  • Other:
    • Automatically create thumbnails of archive files that contain images with the built-in QuickLook plug-in
    • File files without images show the included file list in the QuickLook panel
Version 2,843:
  • Fixed a bug
  • OS X 10.11 or later
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