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Elastic introduces free solution to stop network attacks on Windows, macOS systems

The search company Elastic, developer of Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack, recently announced the release of a beta version that delivers comprehensive endpoint security fully integrated into Elastic Stack, centrally managed under a single agent and activated with one click.

This release includes malware prevention on Windows and macOS and advanced detection and deep visibility for all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux, all provided below the free distribution level. Elastic Security now also offers extended protection for network security monitoring, as well as a new integration with IBM Security̵

7;s security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform, IBM Security Resilient.

Users also benefit from free access to more than 200 pre-built resistance behavior maps mapped directly to MITER ATT & CK. New, pre-built machine learning jobs and threat detection rules enable users to protect cloud infrastructure and applications on a large scale, and prevent damage and loss.

New socially driven workflow and UI improvements combine prevention, detection and response, and strengthen the organizations’ ability to operationalize any security use. Elastic security interface enhancements include curated and interactive visualizations that enable analysts to effectively triage and hunt for security threats.

Elastic Security simplifies data entry with new integrations for multiple host and cloud data sources, including Microsoft Defender ATP, Windows PowerShell and G Suite. The curated data embedding experience supports security operations, DevSecOps and other utilities.

“The global shift to an external workforce has accelerated the need for organizations to respond quickly, implement new controls and do everything while managing existing budgets and employees. Make it easy for organizations to get started with free malware prevention fully integrated into Elastic “Stack helps level the playing field for organizations struggling with the typical high cost and complexity of implementing effective endpoint security,” said Mike Nichols, Product Manager, Elastic Security.

“This is our first major beta milestone in delivering comprehensive, integrated endpoint security. At Elastic, we believe that openness and collaboration with the larger infosec community are fundamental to successfully stopping large-scale threats.”

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