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Elgato Stream Deck Live Custom Controls [Video]

Live streaming content may require a lot of moving parts and can sometimes be challenging to manage. Elgato had the same concerns and decided to create Stream Deck.

Stream Deck is a direct content creation controller with 15 custom LCD keys. These keys are used to create quick and easy shortcuts to make streaming easier and more efficient. However, I am not a hard player or streamer.

I decided to test out Elgato Stream Deck for my own workflow. Surprisingly, I have found a lot of functionality from Stream Deck for personal use.

Watch our hands-on video to watch the Stream Deck Controller in action.

The Elgato Stream Deck console itself is only about 3 inches in height and 5 inches in width, so it takes up very little space in a desktop layout. It is also an adjustable stand for those who want to refine the viewing angle.

The unit has a matte black plastic construction which in my opinion is perfectly acceptable for a unit like this. The keys are powered by an LCD screen, and while you can see individual pixels when you look closely, icons and text look good from a 2- to 4-foot distance from the controller.

Hand-on video: Elgato Stream Deck Controller [1
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The power of Stream Deck is all in the software. It is free to download from Elgato's website and is required to use the device. The software has a similar look and feel to the software that is included with other similar Elgato products.

There are a handful of pre-installed shortcuts for the well-known streaming platforms such as OBS, Streamlabs, Mixer, Twitch and YouTube. Shortcuts for Twitch include, for example, playing advertising, slowing down chat movement, making clips, etc.

As far as my personal workflow, I have settled on a handful of different shortcuts. These include application opening shortcuts, custom text shortcuts, and media playback controls in applications such as iTunes.

I've even set up a custom tweet button, which allows me to post a tweet with custom text and a corresponding image. Overall, Stream Deck works very well. The software has an instant response to a button press, and the buttons even have animations for certain actions.

9to5Mac & # 39; s Take

Elgato Stream Deck is not only a very cool concept, but it is a concept that was executed with care and detail. The device and software, respectively, operate without hiccups and provide endless tools to make the lives of professional streamers and players much easier. Although I do not fall into any category, I have found that it adds value to my workflow. For under $ 150, I can easily recommend it to anyone.

When it comes to the next generation wish list, there is not much that I feel needs to be improved, but with just a few changes, the next version of Stream Deck will be even better.

The first change I want to see is a removable cable. I cannot stress enough how important this is for devices over $ 100. If the non-removable USB cable is damaged, you have just lost $ 150. It would not hurt to bring a cable that can be removed for safety. It gives users more flexibility in deciding which cable length they prefer for their respective setup.

I also think including USB-C is something Elgato should implement in the next version. For those without USB-C devices, there may be a Type-C to Type-A cable included in the box as well as a USB-C cable for those with devices such as MacBook or Mac mini.

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