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Endgame. Yes, it gets spoilers. Big Fat Ones. Don't risk it.

First, where was Lady Sif and Agent Coulson? I thought I saw him in 1970, but it's too early unless there has been even more time-consuming shenanigans.
As far as I noticed, they were the only two missing. Or the biggest two anyway.

That movie couldn't do anything about where Hawkeye was in the Infinity War. Just what he did afterwards.

It seems strange that you can tolerate trillions of people into or out of existence with a thought, but add half a dozen more like Thor's Mum. Yondu, Vision, Quicksilver, Quill's Mum is beyond the frame of the stones that can create and destroy universes.

If you remove the stones that hold reality together from the timeline, frying with reality, it will surely destroy them with themselves. terrible mess.

For all their feminist chops there is much to sacrifice women outside of the cliffs that are happening.

When you are going to pay for the soulstone with another soul, will you get one back if you return that form? Is it the one you paid with? How much is the restocking fee?

Continuity is all just practically impossible.

I guess the Black Widow movie is going to be a flashback now?

Has Loki run off with Tesseract just completed a loop or is there a door now for him to come back?

Can Wakanda make a vibration suit for Tony / Pepper? Now I'm just rambling …

Theres that little where the cavalry comes and Strange asks "is it all?" Would have been pretty cool to see Deadpool and X-Men show up.

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