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Enjoy the beauty of heaven with amazing apps for astronomy

It's free! Just download and study the sky right away!
It is also free for ads.

Point your iPhone towards the sky and see the fascinating movements of sun, moon, visible stars and even planets as you sweep the sky. to change time. Turn on the AR button to enable the camera to see sun, moon, planets through the camera on your phone!

• Predict the positions of the sun and moon at any time for your position.
• Sunrise, sunset for any given date – just sweep the sky. Click on the date to return to the current time.
• Moonrise, moon position for a given date.
• Today's Quick View widget
• Alerts
• Swiping the sky view, changing the time and date, and the app showing the location of sun and moon, moon phase, next new or full moon after the selected date, and where a lot of the day has increased since the last solstice (December and June) and since yesterday.
• Swipe quickly (fast forward / backward in time) using two or three fingers.
• Press the info text button to toggle between the help text and the calculated data.
• Pinch to zoom
• Touch sun or moon to zoom in and center them on the screen.

Today's widget
• Today's widget provides quick access to important data on sun and moon, including a red arrow pointing in its direction. Excellent when you just need a quick look at when the sun goes down and it gets dark

• Local alerts alert you to sunset, sunrise, new moon, full moon, solstice, equinox (sun passes equator and day and night have almost equal in length), and these can be turned on or off. Sunset warning can be sent 30 minutes before sunset ̵

1; very convenient if you plan to go for a walk to enjoy the sunset.
• In Settings, select which alerts you want and which ones you want to turn off.
• No unsolicited alerts! Only notifications related to sunsets, solstices, equinox etc.

Share Button
• Share with friends and involve them in the fascinating world that sees sun and moon, in a text, email or on social networks, beautiful graphics of the sun and moon including phase information, climb times and specific times for a given date you choose.
• In a globalized world, with friends around the planet, have fun comparing the different duration of the day, sunrise, sunset.

Change view
• See Earth from space

The text field for the moon phase shows the moon's enlightenment, and if the moon is in the earth's shadow, it changes to Lunar Eclipse (0-100%) and if the moon covers the sun for your position, the text changes to solar eclipse (0-100%.)

See how sunrise and sunset times differ when you travel during the day.

It will work outside the network coverage, and in airplane mode, however, it requires internal display of your location as the address t connection. Without the internet it simply shows the coordinates and your height.

This app uses gps and compass on your phone to calculate the positions of sun, moon, planets and stars so it won't work on an iPod Touch as it doesn't have a compass.

* Also: Look at my new other app, Sun and Moon Tracker The 3D Pro, which has multiple features, can be rotated for larger viewing, including planet markers.

And remember, never look directly at the real sun.

Disclaimer. This app calculates solar and moon positions very accurately with an error margin of up to only 0.3 °, which is good in most cases, but always refers to table values ​​for most accurate calculations of solar eclipse and the like, as they require more powerful calculations .

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