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Epic Games wants the court to prevent Apple’s retaliation ‘and put Fortnite back on the App Store

After losing the temporary restraining order against Apple for reintroduction Fortnite on the App Store, Epic Games has now asked the court to stop the Cupertino company’s “retaliation”

; against it, and filed a preliminary injunction to restore the game in the App Store and its developer account.

In its court filing, Epic says that the active iOS users have decreased by over 60 percent since Fortnite was removed from the App Store. This is a big deal for the company since iOS is the game’s largest platform with over 116 million registered users. In total, the game has around 350 million registered users. Epic also revealed in archiving that 63 percent of iOS users only accessed the game via iPhone or iPad and not via any other platform. The company is concerned that it may “never see these users again” and that Apple’s removal of Fortnite from the App Store has torn society apart.

Epic Games also describes Apple as a “monopolist” that explicitly “bans contests.” It is said that Apple denies Epic’s attempt to create a new developer account “for at least one year”, which will cause irreparable damage to the company, as it will not have access to over a billion plus iOS users out there next year. .

Our Take

Epic makes many other valid arguments in its preliminary injunction, but I can not help but feel that this problem is entirely created by the company’s own action. Apple had repeatedly made it clear that they were ready to welcome Fortnite back in the App Store if the company removed the direct payment method that Epic did not do before the developer account was terminated. Now it is crying ugly to lose access to the majority of users, which will definitely also affect revenue. This is something that was noticed by the referee who also heard the Apple vs Epic Games case.

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