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Essential Apple Podcast 174: A mixed bag of news and Jim's new microphone

Recorded May 3, 2020

This week, I am again joined by MacJim and Mark to talk about Jim's new microphone, iOS 13.5 beta, Apple bugs, Apple's earnings report, the NHS contact tracking app, and more. [19659003] GIVEAWAYS & OFFERS

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  • Apple 13.4.5 Beta… becomes 13.5 – Forbes
  • & # 39; Psychic Paper & # 39; an extra powerful but easily understood iOS exploit – Daring Fireball
    • Fortunately, it seems that this bug was not known and is currently up to 13.5 in Beta – but is / was a hell of a security miss!
  • macOS bug fills empty MacBook storage – Laptop Mag
    • macOS JPG File-Truncation – Error more pervasive than originally thought – A news page

    [19659004] Valve's SteamVR Quits MacOS Support After Introducing WWDC 2017 – 9to5 Mac

  • Apple Facilitates Unlocking Face ID While Using Mask – iPhone Canada
  • Total Revenue Grows, Services Revenue Reaches High $ 13.3 billion – Apple
    • Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company saw an uptick across the board at the end of April thanks to stimulus and concern from home – CNBC
    • Apple Q2 2020 Results – $ 58.3 Billion Revenue – Mac Stories


  • NHS rejects Apple-Google coronavirus app plan – BBC News
    • Disappointing to say the least – but sadly (in my view) surprising as the UK government sees u t to have a dangerously high desire to know what and who we are all interacting with.
  • Contact track app sample on Isle of Wight – BBC
  • Cliqz closes browser and search technology areas – Hubert Burda Media


  • Europe's GDPR legislation shows To Be Carefree Toothless – Input Mag


  • Darkroom 4.6 Adds Video to Its Excellent Image Editing Workflow – MacStories
  • Google Meet will soon be free for anyone with a Gmail account – Engadget
  • Apple MagSafe 1 to MagSafe 2 adapter £ 9 GBP on Amazon
  • New high quality Raspberry Pi camera with interch angular lenses launched from $ 50 – Geeky Gadgets


  • Nemo's daughter Sheba reports on her new iPhone SE 2020.

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