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Essential Apple Podcast 184: SimpleLogin – Interview

Recorded July 7, 2020

Nick, Jim and Simon are joined by Son Nguyen Kim from SimpleLogin.io to talk about his service (which lets you create one-time email aliases for many purposes) and later look at some stories from the week.


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On this week’s show:




  • @spligosh on Twitter very occasionally.
  • Sometimes appears on Bart Busschots’ Let’s Talk Apple


  • PSA: Do not install macOS Big Sur on the same APFS container as older versions – Mac Observer
  • Apple’s A12Z Bionic GPU running macOS 11 through Rosetta 2 beats both Ryzen 5 4500U, Core i7-1065G7 iGPUs in OpenCL test – Wccftech
  • App library for iOS 14 makes it possible to hide third-party apps as well as Apple apps and entire pages …


  • Microsoft OneDrive updates include 100GB file size boost, dark mode, new management controls – ZDNet
  • Most Americans are at great risk of losing their computer data – Backblaze


  • Police bust organized crime networks linked to special Android smartphones – Input Mag
    • @Robrait says: “This is an incredible story that shows the true value of cooperation between international police forces. The French managed to decrypt the system and gave details of millions of messages to their colleagues around the world. In the UK, they have apparently recovered over £ 20 million in cash, lots of guns and other weapons, huge amounts of drugs and, most importantly, managed to nail Mr (and Mrs) Big guys who run crime syndicates who normally manage to keep their noses clean while their friends get caught. “
    • @Dougee says: “The EncroChat phones were a very good device. They are based on a custom OnePlus X device and later transferred to the BQ Aquarius device. It worked by modifying the Android Recovery partition with a heavily modified operating system. The cool thing was when it first started up, it looks like it was dried. They have been a royal pain butt for us for quite some time. “
  • TikTok and others revealed to be clips of iOS 14 …
  • New ransomware for Mac that spreads through piracy – Malwarebytes
    • This is good writing from ObjectiveSee about Mac Ransomeware. It also has ‘Suspicious Package’ a really good app to look at the contents of packages on Mac, I have been using it for a while now. {Lens View](https://object-see.com/blog/blog_0x59.html)


  • Pocket Earth app – Offline maps and travel guides for iPhone and iPad
  • I wish I had found this iPhone accessory years ago – ZDNet
  • This is for Mark! Adobe Fill & Sign – Form Filler
  • Shared clipboard for sharing – shared clipboard usually works for me, but you have to be quick, because the ability to hand over the clipboard only lasts 30 seconds – for safety’s sake I guess


For things that are not worth more than a fly paste

  • Some people think that Apple’s iPhone MacBook-like accessories have a chance to hit the market because of what happened at WWDC20 – Patently Apple
    • iPhone 13 can be transformed into a MacBook – literally – Tom’s Guide


Key Apple Recommended Services:

  • Pixel Privacy – a fantastic resource full of great articles and advice on how to protect yourself online.
  • Doug.ee blog for Andy J’s safety tips.
  • Ghostery – protect yourself from trackers, scripts and ads while browsing.
  • Easy login – E-mail anonymization and one-time e-mails for login / registration with
  • 33mail.com – Never give your real email address online again.
  • AnonAddy – One-time addresses for single use
  • Sudo – get up to 9 “avatars” with email addresses, phone numbers and more to mask your online identity. Free for the first year and priced from $ 0.99 US / £ 2.50 UK per month thereafter … However, you may keep 2 free avatars.
  • ProtonMail – end to end encrypted, open source, based in Switzerland. Prices start from FREE … what more can you ask?
  • ProtonVPN – a VPN that can go with it maybe? Prices also start from nothing!
  • Comparitech DNS Leak Test – easy to use and understand VPN leak test.
  • Fake Name Generator – so much more than names! Create full identities (for free) with all the information you could ever need.
  • Cable – free for personal use, open source and end-to-end coded messenger and VoIP.
  • Pinecast – a fantastic podcast hosting service with costs starting from nothing.

Essential Apple is not affiliated or paid to promote any of these services … We recommend services that we use ourselves and feel are either unique or outstanding in their field, or in some cases are the best value for money after our opinion.

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