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Essential Apple Podcast 190: Hey! Hi! The boys are here

Recorded September 13, 2020

Nick and Jim are both back, and we take a look at some stories from the week and of course talk about the Time Flies event … and to wander on after the show.
For those listeners who are unfamiliar with the art this week, there is one from an old British comedy show called “It’s not half hot mom” which had a tune tune that went “Hey! Hi! The boys are here, the boys are going to entertain you!”



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On this week’s show:


  • @spligosh on Twitter very occasionally.
  • Sometimes appears on Bart Busschots’ Let’s Talk Apple
  • Sutton Park Circuit church service on YouTube



  • Apple’s September 15 event is said to be focused on the iPad and Apple Watch, not iPhones – Mac rumors
  • Apple opens the door to game streaming services with new App Store policies – Apple Insider
    • Apple updates more guidelines for reviewing apps that address game streaming services, in-app purchases, advertising and more – MacStories
  • Apple’s Homekit platform is embracing a host of new accessories – iDrop News


  • SoftBank allegedly prepares to sell ARM to Nvidia for more than $ 40 billion dollars – The Verge
    • Nvidia Eyes Biggest-Ever Chip Deal in the hunt for SoftBank’s arm – Bloomberg
  • Scotland launches COVID-19 contact tracking app with Apple and Google API – 9to5 Mac
  • Vivaldi browser introduces Break Mode: the new way to pause the Internet – Vivaldi


  • Free VPN is a nightmare about privacy. You should not download them – Wired UK
  • BlockBlock – Objective See


  • DetailsPro is a new app that allows developers to create SwiftUI projects on iPhone and iPad – 9to5 Mac
  • Fenêtre (https://getfenet.re/) – Party in front, business behind. Picture in picture for your mac – Fenêtre (https://getfenet.re/)


  • Nemo will be back soon with more hardware …

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