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Essential Apple Podcast 191: Time is flown by …

Recorded September 20, 2020

Nick, Jim and Donny join me to talk about new watches, iPads, AppleOne bundles and a few other bits and pieces …

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  • Steve at Geeks Corner has restarted the podcast, which is a 5-1
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On this week’s show:


  • @spligosh on Twitter very occasionally.
  • Sometimes appears on Bart Busschots’ Let’s Talk Apple
  • Sutton Park Circuit church service on YouTube




  • Which Apple Watch to get: How cheaper series 3 and SE compare to the new series 6 – USA Today
  • Current iPad models compared – Apple
  • Apple launches Safari 14 for macOS Catalina, Mojave users – Apple Insider
  • Developers frustrated with just one day’s notice of iOS, iPadOS and watchOS rollout – 9to5 Mac
  • Restarting the device resets the default email, browser settings in iOS 14 – Apple Insider
  • @ stormgarelli’s comparison spreadsheet AppleOne Bundle – Twitter
  • Every iPhone browser you can set by default in iOS 14 – BGR


  • Microsoft’s submarine data center reappears after two years – BBC


  • Wow this is a bloody top tip via @windrider on how to get directional buttons instead of a swipe pad on the Apple TV remote on your iOS device …


  • Nemo will be back next week with more hardware …

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