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Everything we know based on leaks and rumors

In early 2019, Apple announced the iPad Air 3 – four years after the iPad Air 2 was first released. The update surprised many and was purely an internal one that saw the iPad Air series get a special bump, a slightly larger screen, and that’s about it. Rumors are now circulating about a major iPad Air update, and there is a good chance that Apple will announce it at its ̵

6;Time Flies’ event next week. Before that though, here’s a quick overview of what rumors tell us about the iPad Air 4.

iPad Air to adopt iPad Pro’s design language?

The latest update of the iPad Air series did not involve any major changes in the design. In 2020, rumors suggest that Apple has revised the iPad Air design language in a big way. Rumors and leaked photos indicate that the upcoming tablet will switch to a design language similar to the first generation iPad Pro. Among other things, this will also include smaller frames in the front and a slightly larger screen. To keep the price in check, the upcoming iPad Air is not expected to have a ProMotion screen that Apple is likely to tend to keep exclusive to its iPad Pro series. Leaked reproductions also indicate that the iPad Air (2020) will have stereo speakers and not quad speakers, seen on the iPad Pro – another cost-saving feature from Apple and to create a better differentiation between the two product series.

Larger screen and face ID

Switching to a design language similar to the iPad Pro means smaller frames on the front which in turn means a larger screen. Although there is no clarity in the screen size, rumors claim that the upcoming iPad Air may come with a 10.8-inch screen – a small shock from the 10.5-inch that is found on the existing iPad Air models. As a side effect of reducing the limits, Apple also has to get rid of the physical home button / Touch ID sensor, which means that the iPad Air 4 can come with Face ID. However, there are conflicting reports on this front, and there is a possibility that Apple will end up integrating Touch ID in the power button.

iPad Air 4 leak

USB-C connection and Magic Keyboard support

If rumors are anything to go by, Apple will also switch to USB-C and ditch the lighting connector on the upcoming iPad Air. This means that apart from the iPad Pro series, the iPad Air will be the only other tablet in Apple’s range that has USB-C. It is also rumored that the iPad Air 4 has a Smart Connector on the back, and it is supposed to be compatible with Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Touchpad. These two changes could open up support for a world of accessories and uses for the upcoming iPad Air.

Specifications Bump

There are no leaks on this front, but it goes without saying that the upcoming iPad Air update will come with a faster A-Series chip. The existing iPad Air 3 has an A12 Bionic processor, and it is likely that the upcoming update will see Apple switch to its faster and more efficient A13 Bionic chip. It should give a remarkable boost in performance, which should be further helped by a bump in RAM from 3 GB to 4 GB.

Apple has bumped base storage across all products since last year, and the company can do something similar with the upcoming iPad Air update. This means that the basic iPad Air (2020) variant can come with 128 GB of storage, and Apple also offers a 256 GB storage option.

Unlike the iPad Air 2020, the upcoming iPad Air update will continue to come with a single rear camera behind. It will also miss a LiDAR scanner as it was found on the previous one. This is one of the very compromises that Apple makes to ensure that the iPad Air is a few hundred dollars cheaper than its iPad Pro series.

It is clear that the upcoming iPad Air update will be a big one, and not surprisingly, it also means that Apple will encounter the price a bit. Rumor has it that the iPad Air 4 may be priced at $ 599, making it $ 100 more expensive than the existing iPad Air.

iPad 8?

There are not many rumors surrounding an update of the seventh generation iPad, but we could also see Apple update the cheapest iPad at the event. Like the last couple of updates, this will probably also be an internal specification that will see Apple switch to a faster A11 or A12 chip for improved performance. Other aspects of the tablet are not expected to change in any way.

What are your expectations from Apple’s Time Flies’ event and the upcoming iPad Air update? Would you buy it over the iPad Pro if it offered almost the same set of features at a lower price tag?