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Excentro Lite 2.0 – Create guillochche illustration design.

Eccentric Lite is a simple but powerful tool that can create guilloche designs such as backgrounds, frames or rosettes. Excentro Lite is a simplified version with the features set close to the original Excentro from the mid-90s. It does not have the tiles, frames, reliefs or pen tools of the entire Excentro version, but it has a very reasonable price point, and is made for users who need to create designs for occasional jobs or just to do some guilloche experiments.

Version 2.0:
  • “Cut and Reflect” object (one of five “Cut and; Tile” types of full Eccentric version) was added Eccentric Lite. This feature speeds up tasks such as creating frames (and doing the work with Eccentric Lite more fun)
  • Other major internal changes and minor features are updated
  • Cosmetic interface changes:
    • Check the look is now more “flat”[ads1]; (to reflect recent UI trends)
    • ‘Dark Mode’ supported (under macOS 10.14 and later)
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