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Expert tips and recommended features

Browse our site? You may have found that we are developing all of our mobile apps from scratch. We believe that all of our customers have unique requirements, which is why we deliver customized mobile apps. We are a leading mobile app development company and we are excited about apps and mobile technology, so we love to read about new apps. We recently came across Rover (P2P Marketplace for Parking) and the SpotHero Parking App, which raised a total of $ 68 million in funding. If you are an entrepreneur and are planning to develop a parking finder app, read this blog and find 4 expert tips to grow your business and recommended parking app features from our expert.

We've all had that conversation at some point in time where we either say or hear "Sorry, I can't get to that place. It is very difficult to find a parking space there. "

This is where parking apps come into play. These apps perform the cumbersome task of finding empty parking spaces nearby, and app users only need to reach there and park.

Parking locator apps earn by charging a nominal fee from the user to find the empty space and a commission from parking owners. In fact, the Rover parking app (a peer to peer parking marketplace) has a monthly subscription plan, which, as reported by TechCrunch, was tested in July 201


With an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, we observed an increase in the demand for parking apps that you can see in the graph from Google Trends.

  Parking spot finder app

Looking at this growing demand for the best parking apps, we had a quick discussion with our technical expert, who provided guidance during the development of 15 parking apps. While discussing, he shared some important Give tips that you should keep in mind while planning to build an app for parking.

4 tips to keep in mind while creating a Parking Spot Finder app

1. Market Research

Before making a new business decision, the first step is to do a thorough market research. The same goes for a mobile park app.

You have to find out a lot of traffic or busy places where people are facing trouble finding parking areas. Places such as malls, movie theaters, local markets, stadiums and other such places face such problems.

After mapping, you will find out which areas need a parking app and which ones are not quite free most of the time during the day.

Best parking apps are the ones that display empty parking spaces among many taken. It would be quite useless to have a mobile app for parking that shows parking spaces in an idle parking space.

This is why market research is a must before diving into app development.

2. Parking app design

The main purpose of a mobile parking app is to make it easy for users to find a parking space. If the app design is complicated to use, it kind of loses its purpose.

The parking app UI and UX design should be easy on the eyes. The usefulness of the parking finder app should be clearly understood.

An app with an enhanced user experience will keep users from using it every time they are in need. The app should work with a minimum number of easy steps.

Searching for a parking space at nearby and remote locations should be done with just a few clicks. Basically, the app should be like a smart parking solution for users. So consider this tip as you develop your own parking search app.

3. Start small, gradually expand

Don't go for the big fish if your bait is small. In the parking industry, you start out small and then grow slowly.

Begin by working with people who can lend their individual garages when available. Pavemint is one such Airbnb for parking that works with individuals. In this way, the people earn passive income, and app users get a place to park.

You should also interact with city parking providers and inform them of the idea of ​​your street parking app. Collaborate with as many parking spaces in the city as possible and then gradually move to other cities.

Once you have partnered with most of the city parking providers, the parking app will show several options for users.

4. Provide information

The Parking mobile app should not only provide information about parking areas and empty tracks, they should also inform about other related services as well.

A regular street parking app shows details such as photos, regular parking fees and hours unless it is a free street parking app. In fact, you can also provide information such as nearby restaurants, shops, gas stations and car wash.

Certain AI-based parking apps also inform users about the cheapest time to park or whether there will be an increase in parking fees other times of the day. Information such as whether the parking track requires you to park yourself or have valet parking is also mentioned.

These were some tips that can do wonders for your parking finder app and your business as well. Now let's talk about features that you can integrate into your parking application.

4 Must-have features in your Parking Spot Finder app

  Parking spot finder app

1. Communication Mode

Every smart parking management system requires a reliable and secure method of communication. This helps solve the driver's problems while locating the parking lot. The app must have two attributes for driver safety:

  • Technical Support
  • Notifications via Messages

2. Control System

The control system feature provides drivers with information such as 'where to park' and other alerts. The control system also provides up-to-date information on pricing, payment methods and parking processes.

This feature is a must in your parking finder app.

3. Security

Most apps like these use user data. So security must be top priority for all apps that want to be the best parking app. User data must be protected against unauthorized third party use and data leakage. This way, the app retains user confidence.

4. Easy access to navigation

Apps with parking finder have a GPS tracking system that helps the user find a parking space. This navigation system should be straightforward and user-friendly. They actually have a street parking map to make it as easy as possible.

While creating an app for car or bike parking, you cannot miss all of these features. Still, there are some features that will make your app even more attractive. Let's read about a few of them.

3 Recommended features for developing your app parking

1. Reserve Parking Lot

This is a feature of a few parking apps such as the ParkMe app. This feature allows a user to book or reserve a parking space ahead of time when he actually needs it. This will reduce the speed at the last minute for the user and the owner will have booking benefits.

2. Compare

Assume that a user needs a parking space in a specific area. If your app provides a comparison list of available parking spaces in that area with their prices and distance from the user, he will be able to easily select the space near him and fit your budget.

3. Push notifications

Today, all apps have this functionality. After a user searches for a parking space, he should be notified when and where a parking space is empty. The app can send notifications when the parking time is about to expire to save the user from extra charges.

Wrapping Up

We hope that now you are ready to build an app and give wings to your idea. You can hire dedicated developers to build an app like ParkWhiz, Rover or BestParking app at Space-O Technologies.

We are an adroit mobile app development company with experience developing over 3,500 apps for both Android and iOS platforms of which 15 are parking apps.

Have any questions related to parking finder app cost, do Indian app developers cost to develop parking app app, how to make money with an app idea on parking, app development timeline? Just fill out our contact form and our representative will soon sell to you to give you a free consultation.

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