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Face Swap App Development Consider 5 powerful features

This post contains information for technical startup and contractors. Let's review a few powerful features from the best facial swapping applications to consider during the development of facial swapping applications.

The emergence of facial swapping applications helps people take the imaging game to the next level. Well, at the age of social media, facial swapping applications make photo editing easier. Photo editing can be done in many ways, but face replacement has become one of the most common and popular among users. Without professional editing skills, editors make the editing process easier and fun for users. Because of this, such apps have gained great popularity.

  face-swap app development

Talking about facial swapping mobile applications, then such a category editing app category has also become the new trend on social media. In the future, let's briefly let you know about the face swapping app.

Face Swap App

Initially, face swapping allows users to switch faces with others in the image, resulting in fun pictures. Well, basically it is about how to have fun for photo exchange users.

  Face-swap App

Image credits: Face swap
Source: Google Play

A face swap app lets users swap faces with friends or pictures in real time. It also allows users to record videos or photos of their own swapping faces with celebrities or friends. They can capture fun pictures from the internet.

Well, forward! In this post, we have broken a few powerful features of the best facial swap applications. Let's take a look!

5 Powerful features Technical startup must be checked before you develop one of the best face swapping applications

1. Allows users to switch faces with their friends in real time

Photo editing can be done in different ways. Interchanging faces are one of the ways that are on the trend. So, one of the core features is all about – so that face-swapping users can trade with your friends. This feature must be easy to use so that the user in all age groups can make a switch.


Image Credits: Face Swap
Source: Google Play [19659004] If you want to build this feature, it is important to have a powerful engine at the back end to run flawlessly. When talking about the technologies, we build this feature using the Google Cloud Vision API, which provides powerful image analysis. This tool makes it easy to integrate display detection features with apps, including image tagging, face and landmark detection, and optical character recognition (OCR).

Technology we use: Google Cloud Vision API

2. Record face-to-face videos [19659013] The next important feature is to record videos with the face exchanged in the recorded videos. Your app users can create videos with exchanged and fun videos.


Image Credits: face swap live
Source: Google Play

If you look forward to creating a face-swapping app like MSQRD, then the Google Cloud Vision API is the technology used by face-swapping applications to recognize the face, based on programming of X, Y and Z coordinates. Well, it is one of the powerful features that is highly recommended to include in the development of face-changing applications.

3. A wide selection of cool photo filters and masks for Solo Selfies

Aside from the face changing in real pictures, it's time to include some cool photo filters in or where to let users add fun and excitement to selfies. You can also integrate different animated masks to add an oomph to their solo selfies.

 face-swap-app development

Image credits: MSQRD
Source: Google Play

If you're done getting ready to develop the best face-swapping application like MSQRD, be sure to integrate such a function to capture the attention of several users.

4. Allows you to transform in several ways like looking younger and older

An ideal face change embraces all features that can get users engaged. However, in order to keep your customers for a long time, you need to integrate different features that allow users to add a beautiful smile, younger, older, more attractive, and change gender. [19659004]   faceapp

Image Credits: techwiser

While creating photo exchangers like Face App, you need to integrate such features, allowing them to do many experiments with their images when it comes to looking younger, older, smiling or without smile.

5. Allows to share on different social media platforms

One of the powerful features is that users can share their edited photos and videos to different social media, such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter. [19659004]   face programs

Image Credits: faceapp
Source: Google Play

This is one of the most common, yet powerful features you should consider in photo editing programs. This is because it is important that users can share their creativity on multiple social media platforms.

Have you ever thought of creating Face Swap App as MSQRD?

If you've ever thought of creating a face-swapping program like MSQRD, then as a technological boot, you can integrate such powerful features under face-swapping development .

So if you have an appideide based on face swapping, you can cross it with us. We are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 50 photo and video applications along with unique features and features such as effects, filters, artistic touch, advanced camera, discover faces, social media synchronization, photo frames, image perfection and photo mixes.

If you still have questions or confusion about the cost of creating face swapping application such as MSQRD, app development timeline or how to make money with an app, then get in touch with us through our contact form. One of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you. The consultation is completely free.

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