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‘Fall Guys’ will use the same anti-cheat software as ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite develops Epic Games owns and uses Easy Anti-Cheat. The software is used by more than 1

20 games, and it has proven to be quite reliable. So this update should give the anti-cheat support it Fall Guys fans are looking for.

Mediatonic has been working to combat cheaters for several weeks now. It changed the detection criteria so that players no longer had to report individual cheaters, and it began to block cheaters in the middle of games, rather than after each round. It also closed a loophole that allowed scammers to get around bans by creating new Family-Sharing accounts on Steam.

But as Engadget’s Matt Brian found out, these efforts have not done much to stop cheaters.

Hopefully, adding Epics Easy Anti-Cheat will be more effective Fall Guys players can stop fighting cheaters and get back to playing the game.

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