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False ads claiming that audio can be heard without a network

For years I avoided registering on Audible.com because I was worried that my time without internet access would deprive me of the opportunity to listen. And since it’s 95% of the time I’m listening to audiobooks, it’s meant almost all the time.

So I signed up last year, and things seemed to be going well. But now either an error has been introduced, or Audible.com engages in blatantly false advertising.

On my last trip, I made sure to download 50 or so audiobooks for my iPhone 7 Plus (plenty of space on the phone), so I could pick and choose as I wished. And yes, they were downloaded and displayed as such in the Audible app.

Several days when I had no cell phone service, I was met with a refusal to play * any * of the audiobooks with a “connect to the internet to keep listeningMessage for each book I tried (a dozen or more). In fact, the use of what I paid for was rendered useless, because 90% of the time on my trip I had no cell phone services and the app would not play anything.

These jokers on Audible.com explicitly say that you can listen offline, but that was not possible in ten days ̵

1; not even once.

The support on Audible.com first suggested that I delete all books that will not be played, and download them again – without understanding that this consumes large amounts of mobile phone bandwidth, and it is impossible without internet. Also, I download all my audio content on WiFi before I travel on my trips. The last thing I need is to chew up gigabytes of cell phone bandwidth by doing it again – and no one will have to do it again – downloaded and downloaded.

Me then moved to a supervisor who takes all the technical details and submits an error report. Dunno what comes of it and I’m sure I’m hoping for my next ~ 3 week trip, I will not see this problem again. But at least I did not go down without explaining myself first.

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