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fast – Handling in-app purchase recall with iOS 14

I added the new recall API that came with iOS 1

4, but I’m still confused about some aspects of it. I tried to unsubscribe from the StoreKit Framework, and I’m signing in didRevokeEntitlementsForProductIdentifiers Call back.

But I wonder if this will cover all the cases where apple actually revokes access to a user because the user asked for a refund. What happens if the app is closed? Will this method be called when launching the app next time?

Here is my code:

extension PurchaseManager: SKPaymentTransactionObserver {
    func paymentQueue(_ queue: SKPaymentQueue, updatedTransactions transactions: [SKPaymentTransaction]) {

    @available(iOS 14, *)
    func paymentQueue(_ queue: SKPaymentQueue, didRevokeEntitlementsForProductIdentifiers productIdentifiers: [String]) {

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