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Find the perfect place to relax with these hammocks

Hammocks are the perfect place to sway in the wind and enjoy nature in your garden, or cocoon up with extra pillows and blankets inside for the movie night. Traditional hammocks require a sturdy wood to keep them off the ground, but some of the newer versions include a metal stand. We have put together a collection of the best hammocks to help you find the one that fits your room – inside or out.

Colorful choices

Vivere, double cotton

The staff chooses

This hammock is available in many combinations of lively cotton that supports up to 450 kg. If you do not want to hang your hammock from a tree (or you do not have one), the included steel frame does the job and requires no tools to put it together. The stand also fits in the included bag.

$ 100 at Amazon

Fancy fringe

Lazy Daze hammocks, quilted fabric

Add personality to your sanctuary, indoors or outdoors, with this colorful hammock from Lazy Daze Hammocks. Spreading rods adorn both ends of the fabric and borders on both sides. The pillow keeps the head and neck comfortable, and it is large enough to share.

$ 68 at Amazon

Super soft

Hammock sky, Brazilian double

Buy this hammock with confidence because it has high quality seams and end loops, plus a lifetime warranty. The hammock construction will mimic the feeling of putting on a soft sponge, and the included carrying case means it can travel with you.

$ 50 at Amazon

Easy to clean

Patio Watcher, Quick Dry Rope

Each end of the fabric on this hammock is kept open with a wooden lifting boom that attaches to 20 ropes for support, making it easier to get into a comfortable position. And since the fabric is vinyl-coated, it can withstand water, dirt, oil and UV rays, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

$ 59 at Amazon

Stay steady

Ohuhu, double quilted

Prone to rolling off or over in hammocks? The curved spreader bars on this Ohuhu hammock will prevent this from happening. The detachable pillow and the quilted fabric mean you will be comfortable relaxing longer.

$ 55 at Amazon

Quick setup

Sorbus, hammock with stand

Everything you need to relax is included in this hammock. The frame is set up in a few minutes with locking joints (no tools required), so you can easily move indoors or outdoors. Striped detail fabric comes in several colors, so you can match your aesthetics, and includes a matching pillow.

$ 116 at Amazon

Be comfortable

What could be more relaxing than hanging out in a hammock? If you want a hammock you can set up right now, without the need for tools or a tree, then we feel the Vivere Double Cotton hammock is the best of the bunch. The stand can be used indoors or outdoors, and the fabric comes in many colors that definitely suit your garden or even your living room. When you take it apart, the frame and the hammock fit in the included carrying case, which makes it easy to move.

If you are worried about falling out of a hanging lounge area, consider the Ohuhu Double Quilted hammock. The curved lifting bar provides stability and prevents turning, which will make your mind – and body – calm. You need a tree that can support it, but it’s just over half the price of our top choice.

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