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Fine tune, Episode, Spend Stack and other apps to check out this weekend

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This issue of Week apps of our Week includes an app to learn more about finance, chat rooms for fans of TV shows and movies, and a price tracking list maker. And as always, we have chosen two great new games to check out.


Learn about economics just as you would a new language. Finimize gives you all the tools to be financially savvy, in just a few minutes. Features include a community of more than 300K users that you can learn from, live, jargon-free financial news, expert crypto and other topics, and much more.

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Episode has chat rooms for over 2000 popular TV shows and movies, and is updated daily with support for new titles. The app syncs content so you can chat with other fans while watching favorite shows. You can read and talk about a movie or television series without going into spoilers as well as watching real-time reactions from other fans.

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Spend Stack

Spend Stack is a list app that can hold a to-the-penny total. It syncs with all your devices and collaborates with them with everyone. You can create and manage any kind of list that trades with money. Features include an intuitive interface, image support, and built-in sales tax calculator. It's a bit on the expensive side, but if you're in the market for such an app, it seems worth checking out.

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NeuralDraw is an AI drawing program / game that is fun for both casual doodles and professional artists. How does it work? You get a message to draw something in 30 seconds and when you start sketching, the app tries to guess what your query was. The faster AI guesses what you are drawing and the more you ask in a line, the more points you can earn.

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Ramped Up!

This game is called Ramped Up! And there's really not much to say about it. There is an arcade / runner that has you sweeping your finger across the screen to guide the bouncing ball from ramp to ramp. Collect diamonds to help you complete your trophy room and get up to the top lists.

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