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Follow our Apple Fall Fall coverage for full details in 2020

Expectations build for the fall Apple announcement September 15, when Apple will introduce its latest hardware. We’ll find out if the rumors are true about new Apple devices, including the iPhone 12 line, the latest iPads and more. Our editorial staff will watch the Apple feed live, and we will host a conversation in our private Facebook group when the incident occurs; you are invited to participate, ask questions and share your opinions. We will record a special podcast episode after the announcement, where we will discuss everything that has just been announced. Read on to learn more about how you can be a part of the event’s coverage.

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During the fall announcement

Join the private iPhone Life Facebook group during the Apple event’s livestream on September 15 at 10 PT. We will share our reactions, ask and answer questions, make jokes at Apple’s expense and interact with our readers throughout the event. If you are not already a member of our Facebook group, be sure to register before the main key, so we have time to add you to the group.

After the fall announcement

After the announcement is over, we record a special podcast episode, where Donna and David will unpack everything the technology giant has just unveiled. If you want to speed up all the rumors before the autumn event, you can subscribe iPhone Life Podcast and check out our latest episode, where David and Donna discuss all the rumors surrounding the new iPhone 12 line.

Whether via our Facebook group, our follow-up podcast or both, we look forward to you joining our conversation on September 15th during and after the Apple Fall event!

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