"As he is co-founder of Apple and the visionary behind some of the world's leading personal computing, will get questions for the late Steve Jobs" expertise, "reports Karen Gilchrist for CNBC. "But it was a more common interpersonal skill that made him a" brilliant "business manager, according to former John Sculley, CEO of Apple.

"The skill – the ability to listen," reports Gilchrist. "Sculley, who served as Apple's CEO for a decade from 1

983 to 1993, told CNBC Make It that the ability didn't come naturally to Jobs. Rather, it took 12 years and a disputed departure from Apple to tweak it. "

" When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 after the purchase of NeXT, he was a "different person," said Sculley, who previously suffered Pepsi, "Gilchrist reports. "" Steve was brilliant about seeing where the world would be 20 years in the future. He was so charismatic that he convinced, as much as he convinced other people, that he was always right, Sculley said about Jobs 1.0. "But young Steve Jobs was not as good to hear as Steve Jobs who came back years later," he continued, noting that it opened up for new ways of thinking. »

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