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Fortnite could face a year-long Apple ban, says Epic Games | Fortnite

Fortnite could be banned from iPhones and other Apple devices for a year, the game’s developer, Epic Games, has revealed, while the court between the two companies continues.

The scope of the ban was revealed in a legal filing from Epic, which asks the court to force Apple to allow the game back on the iOS App Store while the broader lawsuit goes to a full hearing.

Epic will “likely suffer irreparable damage”

; if the ban continues, the company’s archives say, because it has more than 116 million registered users on Apple devices, who are now unable to update the software or reinstall it if it is deleted.

Previously, Apple’s position had been that Epic could restore access immediately if it admitted the main point of the lawsuit and removed the unauthorized payment system it had built into the game.

But according to Epic’s latest archive, attitudes have changed. The company quoted the August email from Apple as terminating access to the App Store, warning that “we will deny your application for the Apple Developer Program for at least one year given the nature of your actions”.

The year-long ban means there is little chance that Fortnite will return to the App Store before the end of the full trial, which begins at the end of this month and can last up to a year itself, unless the company wins a preliminary injunction. it filed on Friday.

On Tuesday, Apple opposed calling Epic’s behavior “intentional, rude and illegal”, arguing that the entire lawsuit “is nothing more than a fundamental disagreement over money.”

Apple’s 67-page response states: “Although Epic presents itself as a modern company Robin Hood, it is in fact a multi-billion dollar company that simply will not pay anything for the enormous value it receives from the App Store.

“This court should hold Epic to its contractual promises, award Apple damages and penalties, and order Epic to engage in further unfair business practices.”

Epic has a history of using the power and popularity of Fortnite to attack what they see as unfair restrictions on platform holders. In 2018, the company won a deviation with Sony, which had banned the possibility of “cross games” between PlayStation and Xbox users. Later that year, Epic launched its own PC game store, in an effort to end the dominance of Steam, the largest distributor of computer games. And next to the Apple lawsuit, Epic launched a second targeted at Google after it was also banned from the Android app store.

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