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Four out of ten iPhone owners plan to upgrade to iPhone 12

With Apple’s iPhone 12 likely to be announced later this month, following the September 15 event where Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 6 and 2020 iPad Air, a survey shows that 41% of existing iPhone users plan to upgrade to a of the new “iPhone 12” devices.

Photo: iPhone 12 is reproduced (photo via svetapple.sk)
iPhone 12 reproduced (image via svetapple.sk)

Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

This is the news from a SellCell survey of approximately 2,500 current iPhone users.

The results show that 58% of those who plan to upgrade do so because they want to start using 5G, which is the most important feature that requests upgrades. Speculated in “compact form factor” and “new design” is also exciting interest for 51.5% and 41% respectively …

We expect three different iPhone screen sizes this year: 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch. The survey shows that a majority (~ 54%) prefer the smallest 5.4-inch screen, while around 19% want a 6.1-inch model, and 27% are interested in the largest member of the family.

Among potential buyers, a majority (44%) will have the smallest device, while the iPhone 12 Max (6.1 ″ screen) comes next at 25%, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.1 ″ screen) at 18% and the iPhone 12 Pro (6.7 ″ screen) at 13%.

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As expected Mother of all iPhone superbikes41% of existing iPhone users are planning an upgrade, plus a further 25% that they are “maybes”. Only 1/3 of today’s iPhone owners have no plans to upgrade to “iPhone 12”, which promises very, very good for Apple!

We plan to be BIG this year with 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max devices. What about you?

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