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FOX Bet Super 6 in the App Store

I’m blind, so I use continuous voiceover on my iPhone to do my activities. I saw the opportunity to play super six on the app, but was hugely disappointed where my voice did not work with the app. Hope this is just a bug with my iPhone 6s Plus, but I fear it is not, for many of you app developers do not really consider blind people to be more than just sticking in the mud who actually do productive things using voice over on the phone. If you are able and willing to make your app game available for voiceover, I will change the star rating, but if not, it will remain where it is. Please, for future reference, try to make your apps, games or any voiceover available so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and have fun. Not very cool if you limit these things to just people who can see well enough not to use voiceover. Thank you…

We thank you for the review. At this time, we unfortunately do not have options for voice activation, but we are aware of the importance of this and will look at developing this feature, hopefully at some point next year. We appreciate your understanding.

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