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Free iCloud Bypass Server – All devices for iOS 7.1.2 and iPad 2 for iOS 9.3.5

Today, this method still works. If you want to bypass iCloud on iOS 7.2.1 or use an iPad 2 on firmware between iOS 7 and iOS 9.3.5 – you can unlock iCloud again. The following is a free server from #iboy – and it is unbound for iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5.

  iCloud Bypass Server

The Tools You Need for iCloud Bypass Server

  • Windows Computer
  • Valid SIM Card Without PIN
  • 3uTools or iTunes Installed
  • Libimobile Commission (Command Line Interface) on Windows [19659008] The process for switching iCloud activation on iPhone or iPad iOS 9.3.5 ̵
    1; 7.1.2
    1. Make sure your iDevice is connected to the computer
    2. Download the libimobiledevice for Windows
    3. Additional software for the renamed folder . Name it libi
    4. Move "libi" to run C:
    5. Open CMD and type: cd c: libi
    6. Press enter
    7. Enter now: Ideviceactivation is activated -s iboyinc.com/iboy. php
    8. Verify that the supported device is connected to the PC
    9. Activate by pressing Enter.

    For iOS 7.1.1 – there is another free iCloud server on testing. The server for "sonick14.tech" is now applicable to iCloud bypass on iDevices. It turns on the Apple device, but does not allow the user to call. But this is unbound, so if you restart your device, it will still be active.

    Tools you need for free iCloud Bypass server iOS 7.1.2 / 7.1.1

    The same four things are required as in the previous software.

    Process for using iCloud Bypass Server:

    1. Verify that the device is connected to Windows PC.
    2. Download libi from Google Drive
    3. Extract and rename Libi.
    4. ] Move / copy "libi" to C: .
    5. Start CMD and type the following: cd c: libi
    6. Press enter
    7. Type: ideviceactivation enabled – s sonick14.tech/freebypass/sonickbp.php

    Tested on other servers to bypass iCloud This is a workaround on a new server to allow iCloud to bypass the same method of server activation. With that, you can iCloud bypass on iOS 7.1.1 – and it's not the fake albert activation. It's the real one from albert.apple.com. Therefore, bypass is untethered albert.apple.com.

    Therefore, the iCloud bypass will only work on local devices, and iCloud will still have your device in activation mode in Apple servers.

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